Why Wait?


I keep reading blog posts about how we don’t have to have a bunch of land, or even live in the country, to be homesteaders.  And although I do know that to be true, in my mind, I kept kind of shuffling it aside while preparing to “become” a homesteader.  I don’t know if I just had some sort of aha moment…an epiphany…or SOMEthing… but something just clicked inside my brain and made me think ‘why wait?’… Indeed, why do I have to wait until I can afford to buy land?  Why do I have to wait until my daughter has finished school and moved out?  Why?  Short (and only) answer: I don’t!

Sure, there’s a bunch of things I want to do as a homesteader that will have to wait until I own my own forever land…such as a walipini…something I just accidentally discovered on Pinterest…. such as owning goats, cows, sheep, etc…  such as solar/wind/water energy…  all these things will come once I own the land under my feet.  But for now, I can still be a homesteader in every way that I CAN be!

From where I am today, I can have a garden large enough not only to feed my family fresh produce year round, but also to have enough extras to sell at Farmer’s Markets or roadside stands and bring in a little extra cash.  From where I am today, I have the space to have a chicken coop large enough to not only provide my family with fresh eggs daily, but also have enough to sell a few dozen here and there to neighbors, friends and family members!  From where I am today, I’m able to can as much food as I want to keep over the winter, due to the fact that we live in a house where pretty much the entire basement is a cold cellar (or a dark and creepy dirt floor spider house into which I will only go if I kick the breaker when my hubby isn’t here to go flip the switch for me…SHUDDER!!!!… but that’s okay, he can bring the food up and down for me. hehe)

I don’t have to wait to darn socks and sew buttons and patches…I don’t have to wait to bake my own bread and reduce our household waste…I don’t have to wait to live a frugal lifestyle… so what AM I waiting for???  There’s no time like the present, is there?

So yes…for now, we won’t be off-grid, and we won’t be 100% self-sufficient.  But every journey starts with a single step, and then another, and another.  So with every new step, we will become more practiced, more seasoned, more knowledgeable….and one step closer to achieving our goals.

The internet is full to bursting with information and resources, completely free at my fingertips.  And as much as I want to go back to a simpler way of living…I’m very glad for this technology that puts all of the world’s encyclopedias right on my dining room table…minus the dust, and the paper cuts!

Why wait?…  I won’t!



Beggars CAN Be Choosers

They say beggars can’t be choosers – I say what a crock!  When you’re trying to save up – for a homestead fund in my case, but it can be for anything at all – then you want to cut back on your spending…sometimes, a LOT.  This often means finding the things you need, used…at a big discount, and sometimes even for free!  It DOESN’T mean that you should sacrifice quality because you’re spending little to no money.  There are may places where you can acquire used items for free, or for next to nothing (check out freecycle, craigslist, kijiji…and if you live in the Halton Hills area of Ontario, Georgetown has a hidden little gem called WasteWise, where you can find tons used stuff at rock bottom price if you’re not afraid to get your hands a little dirty!)… but you should be diligent in make sure you’re not taking on someone else’s problem, or something that’s broken or only works some of the time.

Case in point: At our new showroom, there is a loft attached to the workshop where we build the cabinets.  The loft only has a half-wall, and so a lot of wood dust and dirt gets up there.  We want to use this space as a sort of Staff Room, so we can’t have dust and wood chips flying all over the place… and yet, we don’t want to spend tons of money to equip this place.  So easily enough, I found a few things we need online – a FREE pair of floor length curtains someone was getting rid of ….Free is good, but not if they’re ripped or torn or stained beyond repair.  They were in perfect condition…other than an almost woven-in odor of curry…nothing a good wash and a few hours on the clothes line won’t fix… I hope!  So that will help fix the issue of dust by covering the opening above the half-wall.  I was also able to find a refrigerator for $20, a microwave oven for $10, and a coffee maker for $10…all older models, but all in perfect working condition.

Also, don’t let your pride get in your way…if you need something, get off your high horse and get it.  In our town, we have “bulk garbage” day once a month…this is where people will put large pieces at the curb – appliances, televisions, furniture – most often in good shape, they just don’t have any use for it and it saves them a trip to the thrift store.  Don’t be too proud to take it …nobody will laugh or point fingers, even though you may strongly believe otherwise.  Our partners found a huge black leather sectional sofa that way, with absolutely nothing wrong with it!  It cleaned up perfectly and now resides in the loft.  In no time at all, we’re have a perfectly equipped staff room, and we won’t have broken the bank to get it!  We may be beggars (of sorts), but we are also most definitely choosers!