How Green are my Thumbs?

Back in the Fall, I stated collecting things around the house that I planned to use to start my garden seedlings this Spring.  Empty toilet paper rolls, muffin trays, egg shells, etc.  Well today was the day – a beautiful sunny day; if a little bit on the chilly side; and a few hours of afternoon to kill.

So armed with a bag of organic soil and my stash of seeds, I went at it.  I’ve still got a lot to plant because somehow my 4 trays of egg shells have disappeared!

I feel good about reusing things that would normally have ended up in landfill or some recycling plant somewhere.  I know recycling is good – but in my mind, UPcycling is better.  Finding new ways to reuse something – sometimes a few times over – before it uses up precious energy to get reprocessed into something else…well it just gives me the warm and fuzzies, knowing that I’m doing my part!  (I also used up the rest of the little biodegradable starter planters we had in the garage)

Now…I had big plans to start this big sprawling garden this year.  But sometimes life has a way of just throwing you curve balls.  A few weeks ago, my landlord suddenly decided he wants to sell the farm.  Yay.  So my big sprawling garden is now going to be started in containers that we can bring with us to our new home (which I’m not so secretly hoping will happen by June 1st!)

It’s in town…sigh…I’m going to miss the quiet of the country.  The peaceful absence of man-made noise.  But I’m excited at the same time – turning a new leaf in this book called life, and I’m excited at the prospect of attempting urban homesteading (on a small scale).  Change is good! 🙂  And this place might give us the opportunity we need to save up for a down payment on our own place!

…now since it’s my first time in a LONG time attempting any kind of vegetable gardening, I’m not entirely sure how green my thumbs are.  S0 here’s hoping these little seeds all pop!!!! 🙂