A Little R & R…and a Glass of Wine

On a recent much needed visit with my best friend, we decided to keep with tradition and pop into our old haunt…a little courtyard plaza; aptly named “The Courtyard”; that’s reminiscent of a Medieval country village, with board and batten white wash and dark beams, high steep roof peaks, and of course, a courtyard in the centre of it all. In this place is housed a quaint little tea house, and our favorite occult shop, Odyssey.  I had a three year old gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket…actually, it was buried in old emails and it took me about 15 minutes to find it.  But o wanted to see what goodies I could find.

Not my photo – borrowing from Google


A couple bumper stickers that stay true to my tree-hugger personality…my very first wand (finally!), a new 2016 Witches calendar …and the piece de resistance: I laid my eyes on Llewellyn’s 2016 Herbal Almanac, and I just had to have it!  Small enough to fit in my handbag, but filled with so much information that it could very easily become my bible!  

In planning my garden for the Spring, a large part of that consists of herbs – for the kitchen, for healing, and for magic.  Only a few pages in, and I’m already hooked!  I’m already dreaming about cultivating barley and looking up where I can buy an old-fashioned flour mill!

So tonight, this entry is short, and possibly not as well written or thought out as others…because truthfully, all I want to do is strip off my clothes and climb into bed with a glass of my favorite wine, and enjoy a little R & R by immersing myself in pages that will quickly become worn and dog-eared. 

Sleep sweet everyone.  Bright blessings!


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