It’s a crispy kind of morning, I woke up to the sun brightly shining through intermittent clouds, making the grass and everything else it touched shimmer and shine – this morning, my little world is covered in a thick, glittery layer of frost.  

I’m not a fan of the cold, but I am a fan of beauty – and Mother Nature has her own special way of giving us the most mesmerizing, yet simple, natural beauties.  I’ll choose my own back yard over the most prestigious art museum any day, there is simply no comparison.

As I stepped out to capture this quickly passing moment on camera, the crisp air which normally would make me turn on my heels, instead made me smile.  The quiet stillness –  only broken by bird song, now scarce – a magnet for my soul.  I am dazzled as I look all around me – and my camera suddenly seems inadequate.  It cannot possibly capture and honestly represent the true magnificence that fills every part of me with this overwhelming sense of peacefulness.  I try nonetheless, but the images are dull in comparison.  Still, it makes me smile – and as the sun, still coming up in the East, starts to melt the frosted world, I can’t help but sigh deeply in complete awe and appreciation of the gift I just received.



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