Time Well Wasted

I don’t nap.  I love sleeping – but to me, the act of sleeping during the day when you could be getting things accomplished, or otherwise enjoying life, is a pure unadulterated waste of time.  I’ve always been in the frame of mind that I only get two days off work per week, so to sleep half of one of them away is just a tragic loss of “living time”.  I say “half of”, because the times that I DO have naps, which usually happens about twice a year, and normally when I’m sick or have a migraine – it’s not a 20 minute power nap.  No, when I do nap, it’s a 4-5 hour affair.


Well, today, I do believe I’ve turned a corner.  After sleeping over 8 hours, we got up this morning and did a bunch of necessary running around…all this time I felt extremely sleepy, as if I hadn’t really slept all night.  I’m really not sure what caused this, but the fact I had to bitterly accept was, that I did in fact, need a nap.

We got home just before 1:00 PM, I locked myself in my bedroom and snuggled into my grandmother’s old quit…and proceeded to sleep until 4:15!  My normal reaction to this would be pure guilt…but not today!  Today, I woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and 100% free of guilt.  This was a shock on its own, and I had to investigate this missing emotion.  My investigation lasted all of about 30 seconds before I came to the happy conclusion to just roll with it.

Napping is not a royal waste of time.  Sometimes, being tired is your body’s way of telling you ‘I NEED TO REST!!” …you should probably listen to it.  Other times, you may just be feeling a wee bit lazy, and that’s okay too!  This is a time to re-charge your mental AND your physical batteries.  It may be just what you need to find inspiration for your next project, or the energy to complete the one you’ve already started…whatever it is, it’ll still be waiting for you when you wake up.

So do yourself a favor.  Don your favorite jammies, cuddle down in your favorite blanket, your comfiest pillow…lock the door and draw the curtains, and spend some time well wasted… have a nap!



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