Finish What You Start

I have a pesky tendency to start things, and never finish them.  I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but I have the attention span of a flea…and I’m being generous.

I get all of these ideas in my head, and I just want to do all of them, right now.  So I start one…and of course it takes longer than I anticipated, so I put it aside and start something else, and so on.  It’s a vicious, never ending cycle.

Two years ago, I decided I wanted to give everyone homemade personalized presents for Christmas.  I still have the empty mason jars and plain white mugs and paint Sharpies tucked away somewhere.  Last year, same deal…I was making candles! Yay, everyone loves candles!  …when they work.  Crisco candles…they work on Pinterest…not so much in my kitchen.  I made a handful…they were super pretty – until you lit them.  And then the flame kind of just fizzled like a little blue dot.  The remnants of my unused supplies (minus the Crisco) are sitting up in my ‘junk room’, gathering dust in a box.

All of my ideas start of as really good intentions… but you can’t give intentions wrapped in a pretty red bow.  So I’ve gotta shape up!

A few weeks ago…okay, probably over a month if I’m honest; I found this pretty yarn at the dollar store – I’d never seen it before; it’s super soft, like chenille, and it’s a string of pompoms!  I thought, what a fun scarf this would make…and bought three balls of it.  I’m not a knitter.  The only thing I can knit is a very basic plain Jane stitch…and they’re rudimentary at best (I know knitters out there are going to correct me on the technical terms, sorry!!)… so a scarf…the simplest thing right?  Only I can’t finish it.  No I mean it…I literally can’t finish it…I can keep knitting and knitting and knitting until I run out of yarn…it’s just going to stay on the needle because I don’t know HOW to finish it.


Now, in this new homesteading journey of mine, I’m trying to come up with ways that I can make some extra money without the 9 to 5 (and without marketing; which I already do, quite poorly even though I adore the products), so that I can concentrate on the important things…like milking goats…so I thought, why not try my hand with selling handmade scarves. Sigh.  Maybe I’ll just wear this one, if I can ever get it finished…and make something else to sell…  Any ideas???

Disclaimer: This is one of those “filler” posts… I wanted to write tonight, and didn’t have a clue what to write about.  I apologize if it seems uninspired hehehe


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