A Place To Call Home


As I read my favorite homesteading blog, I see a lot of emphasis put on finding the right place to make put your roots down.  So I’ve been doing some research…both literal, and internal.  Now mind you, this is all still kept on the down-low at home for the most part.  Even though my husband was the one who uttered the shocking words “We should do this!”…I know my hubby, and I know he can have a sea-saw mind.  So I’m keeping my excitement quiet, while still making it known that it’s on the horizon (I mean, my “Homestead Fund” jar IS sitting on the kitchen counter in plain view, and slowly accumulating loose change!)… I’m not having it so much ‘in your face’, for the simple fact that I’m afraid if I do, he’s going to get cold feet, even this early in the game.  So I’m quietly happy for now!

A place to live….so many options, and yet so few.  So we’re Canadian, and proudly so.  And we love our country, and our free health care (hehe).  So as much as I would just LOVE to be able to live in warm weather year round, it’s just not in the cards for me, and I have to just come to terms with that.  Warm weather out, Canadian weather in.  Check!

Now in my mind, I have about five separate options I am (or was) juggling with.  And still, nothing is set in stone until we sign on a dotted line, so these ‘options’ may change a million and a half times between now and then.  Still…this is what I’ve got so far…

Option 1: Stay Where We Are (relatively speaking).  I really do love the little community we’re part of, and it has tons of potential for land, while staying comfortably inside the box.


  • I know the area well, so it’s safe (knowledge wise)
  • I love the area
  • I have friends here
  • Our business is based here, and so are our partners in business
  • It’s close to all of my husband’s family
  • My family is only about 5 hours drive away
  • I’m sure there are more, but these are what come to mind at the moment.


  • Takes the adventure out of it
  • It’s very VERY close to the large metropolitan city of Toronto
  • Planes fly over all hours of the day and night
  • We can hear the highway pretty much all of the time
  • No brand new fresh start
  • Removes the sense of having to rough it since we know so many people and would have many people and resources to rely on…(Okay, some of you are thinking, ‘why is this in the Cons list?’…because I want to have the pride of knowing WE did it)

Option 2: Going back to my neck of the woods (Northern Ontario)

…pretty much all of the same Pros and Cons… with the additional Con of harsher winters… Hmmmmm….

Option 3: Going WAY up North (still in Ontario)


  • All of the Cons of the previous options are pretty much eradicated
  • We’ve got seclusion
  • We’ve got self-reliance
  • We’ve got natural resources
  • We’ve got price of accomplishment


  • We’ve got harsher AND longer winters
  • We’re not close to ANYONE we know
  • We’re SO secluded that it’s downright lonely, and possibly even dangerous…   Okay…lets cross out Option 3 right now, shall we??

NEW Option 3: Vancouver Island!


  • Brand new start
  • New adventure
  • Self-reliance
  • Mild coastal winters (YAY!!!) with little to no snow (OMG!!!)
  • Get to live near the ocean
  • I’ve got ONE family member near by


  • About 45 hours drive and a ferry ride away from our families and friends
    • …yeah…that’s about it…

And Option 5: Prince Edward Island (and the crowd roars!!!)

For this one, I’m going to switch it up and start with the


  • Winters can be long (November to April… but this is not a yearly occurrence)
  • There can be a LOT of snow in the winter (at least in recent years)
  • It’s about 16 hours and a ferry ride away from our families
  • Tsunami = certain death
    • …okay, that’s about all I’ve got for cons here…


  • PEI has been named one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the WORLD!
  • It has a population of less than 150 thousand on the entire island!
  • You can drive from one end to the other in about three hours, and from one side to the other in about 15 minutes
  • The pace of life is exactly what I want…laid back, relaxed, and stress free
  • Land is DIRT CHEAP compared to everywhere else I’ve looked!
  • People are friendly and the whole place has a wonderful sense of community (or so I read!)
  • I’m about 2-3 hours drive from two separate GREAT friends
  • 16 hours is a lot better than 45 hours away from family!
  • It’s the greenest of all Canadian provinces (extra points!!!), and the air and water are clean and fresh (well…the water’s actually salty, but you know what I mean!)
  • I get to live by the ocean
  • I’ve ALWAYS wanted to live on PEI (ever since I was little and read/watched Anne of Green Gables…whom I believe to this day IS a Kindred Spirit!)
  • Potatoes!! YUM!!!!!
  • Lobster!!! YUMMMMM!!!!!!
  • …I could kind of go on and on and on here…but I think MY choice is pretty obvious….now to convince Jamie!!

So yes…I think this will take a couple of road trips, and some sweet talking on my part… but I’m PRETTY sure I can talk my sweetheart into choosing the same option!   …so fingers (and toes!!!) crossed…that PEI, here we come!!!  …Okay, you’ve got some time still…we’re not coming yet… but PEI, I think you’ll become a place to call home!




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