All For A Good Cause

There are days when I don’t want to get out of bed…and there are days when I don’t want to go the extra mile – feeling like you’re working for nothing is all a frame of mind.  One which I have to constantly remind myself is false.  I’m not working for nothing – I’m working for my future.  For our future.  For my dream…my destination.  They say it’s not the destination, it’s the journey…but I think the destination is pretty important too.  The goal…and the getting there is the fun part (sometimes!)  That’s a statement I have to keep in the foreground or else it’s very easy to lose track of what this is all for.  Extremely long hours, with little reward – the learning curves, the start-up stages.

Our business is only starting out, and so I can’t yet leave my current full-time employment because we need the stability and the benefits…medical benefits that is.  Things are really looking up, even though we’re still in the very infancy of this endeavor, and that’s very motivating.  I’m hoping that the momentum stays on track, so that I can soon cut my hours down to part-time and put more hours in where it really matters – but until this business has a proven track record, I have to stay put.  That’s the truly frustrating part – you see, I sincerely despise my day-job.  I took it for the simple fact that it’s close to home and it doesn’t have a long commute – I drive through 20 minutes of back country roads that I now know like the back of my hand.  The pay is average – nothing to write home about, but it pays the bills, though barely some months.  Finding ways to cut back and save money is often easier said than done – especially when we don’t have many luxuries to begin with.

Yes, we do rent a rather large home, but the landlord hasn’t raised the rent for the three years we’ve been there, and he’s although he can be a “cheap bastard” at times, for the most part we’ve got it good.  We rent a 3-bedroom farmhouse along with 1 acre of the 43 acre property it sits on, and pretty much have the run of the place.  We don’t pay for water because we’re on a well – and we haven’t been paying for hydro all summer in exchange for taking care of the landlord’s portion of lawn.  So we haven’t had any utilities to pay since June, which is fabulous!  But now that the cold months are upon us once again, we won’t be mowing any lawns for quite some time…with that will be the return of our monthly hydro bills, and the cost of filling our propane tank to heat this large house.  Winters can be brutal…the last two have been harsh beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.  We’re really hoping for a mild and short winter this year…7 months of bitter cold and mountains of snow is not only a physical hardship on everyone involved, but also quickly becomes mentally draining.  Hoping Mother Nature goes easy on us this season!!

Another great perk to living where we do, is that we’re already in the country, were I find is easier to become a true homesteader – I’m not discounting statements that you can be a homesteader anywhere you live, that’s absolutely true!!  But where we are, it’s much easier to have a large garden, a green house, and even a chicken coop…all of which we plan on having come Spring.  I’ve been wanting all of those since we moved here, but I’m not proud to say we always seem to let life get in the way of what we want.  I’m not prepared to let that happen anymore.  I want to live my life the way I want, and I shouldn’t have to wait until we buy our own land to start!

So yes…right now, the hours are long – the stress is high, yet manageable – and the patience can run thin at times.  But we’re all managing to get along and work well together – as we all know that it’s really all for a good cause…that of our futures.

photorealistic 3d sky-high future ahead street sign


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