Bend Where The Wind Blows


Sometimes, we can have the best of intentions, and the most carefully laid out plans…and it seems fate has other plans.  Many of those times, fate’s plans are much better than yours!

I was planning and searching for a second job.  Something part-time, where I could work on evenings and weekends, to save up and pay off all of my debt.  Nothing suitable was coming up.  Then three nights ago, I was able to finally get started at our family business…families business, I should say.  My husband’s partner’s wife has been putting in full time hours since long before the store opened, but because I have a full time job, I haven’t been able to do that.  But now that we’re open to the public, more help is needed…that’s where I come in…and that’s where my plans for a part-time job get thwarted…  or so I thought.  For three nights now, I’ve been going there almost directly from work, and staying well past closing time….learning the program, the product, getting familiarized.  And not only do I absolutely LOVE it, but this has now BECOME my part-time job, AND at the same time I’m helping to create a business which will help us achieve our goals!

So the lesson I learned this week is that when the wind blows, it’s not always to stop us…but maybe slow us down a little, and make us sway…. we just have to learn to bend where the wind blows, and things will be what they’re meant!


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