Do It With Purpose

I find it much easier to stay on track with any effort, when there’s an ultimate goal attached to it.  When there’s a purpose behind the action, I tend to remain more focused on the tasks and responsibilities.  I need to do things with a purpose in order to stay on track…if not, I have a really nasty habit of starting things and never (EVER!) finishing them.  I swear, sometimes I have the attention span of a flea!

So now that I have a big WHY, and a partner who shares my why (finally!), I feel it’s going to be easier and much more enjoyable to achieve so many things I’ve wanted to achieve in the past “just because”.  It’s no longer just because.  To keep with the mindset of my last post, and decluttering my home.  It’s no longer about the simple act of being neat or tidy.  It has now become all about the goal of living simply, in preparation to becoming homesteaders.  Realizing that when the moment comes to make the move, we will not be able to bring with us mountains of “stuff”, and putting it all in storage indefinitely while we build our home is not financially intelligent.  Therefore, the purge begins.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the range of things on the to-do list is quite large.  Small things like cutting back on my cookbooks (I mean, who really needs two shelves full??), to large things like a room full of boxes that haven’t been opened in the last three years.  I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, actually looking forward to getting started!  Now if you know me, you know that housework is not something I enjoy.  But the prospect of killing 3 birds with one stone excites me!  Bird 1 – I will acquire an uncluttered, easy to clean home.  Bird 2 – I will be practiced and prepared when “moving day” arrives.  Bird 3 – all that “stuff” that we don’t need can be sold, adding beautiful dollars to my “Homestead Fund” jar!!  The challenge now is finding a way to sell my used things for a decent price, and in a relatively short amount of time.  Even if we do have a few years ahead of us before “the moment”, I would like to become free of the ‘junk’ in a timely manner.

My role models touch on the subject of “don’t buy a lot of things, but buy nice things”.  I take this as gold.  We don’t need to have a lot of stuff in our lives, but the things we DO have should be of good quality.  Things that will stand the test of time, and help us achieve the lifestyle we seek.  Invest in things that make sense in the long run, and in some instances, can serve multiple purposes.

Now, I’m the creative type.  I’m artsy, I’m crafty…and I have one hell of an imagination (this doesn’t always work in my favor!).  So I believe I’m going to succeed rather well in this endeavor!  My first thought when I hold something that people would normally toss in the trash, is always “can this be used for something”.  Now some of you may think ‘she’s a hoarder / pack rat’…I’m really not.  I just have a very strong aversion to adding my garbage to the insurmountable piles already in our landfills.  And if something can be re-used or re-purposed, then why not?  So I’m going to start this project with that mentality.  For example (sticking with the cookbook scenario here), I have a large recycled/recyclable cardboard binder I found in this aforementioned junk room.  It’s empty, it’s in perfect condition, and it’s not being used.  So instead of tossing it, or donating it, I’m going to use it to make my own cookbook binder and store all of my favorite recipes, thus eliminating the shelves of books in my china cabinet, and re-purposing an unused item that was just collecting dust and adding to the clutter.  Then I’m going to list all of those cook books on craigslist or kijiji, and hope to get a few dollars (some are brand spanking new!) out of them, to add to the jar (which incidentally, is a re-purposed instant coffee jar I just cleaned out and added a pretty label to!).


So I’m doing it all with purpose – I’m decluttering, re-purposing, consolidating, keeping it out of the landfill, and fundraising, all at the same time – working towards the ultimate dream life goal.  Baby steps that may seem long and complicated, but are really not.  They’re liberating and empowering and satisfying!  This blog might not depict “homesteading” properties immediately, because unlike a lot of blogs of this kind, I’m not actually homesteading at the moment.  But I’m hoping that through the next couple of years of preparation, I can possibly help other like-minded kindred spirits along their own journey.  I’m hoping that through my trial and error, others may avoid making my mistakes…and I’m sure there will be many!

And for the rest of the stuff in the junk room…well, it’s November now and yard-sale season is pretty much over…I wonder how a VIRTUAL YARD-SALE would do…. any thoughts???

I’d love to get your comments and ideas, and I’m very open to suggestions!!!


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