The First Step

Every journey, every adventure, starts with that first tiny little baby step forward.

For what sometimes seems like years, I’ve found myself yearning, dreaming, longing…looking for true, bone-deep, soul-deep happiness.  And slowly, piece by ill-fitting piece, I’ve been creating this image in my mind.  However I’m a big BIG dreamer, and I have to reluctantly admit, not a very patient one.  Also a very openly self-admitted procrastinator.  Not proud.

These past couple of years since we’ve moved to the country, I’ve really immersed myself in “The Dream”.  Being Pagan – it only makes sense to me that my life as a whole reflects my chosen path.  Being close to nature, living green (not an easy task), and saving the planet, just to name a few… basic stuff right? Ha!  Basically, what I want is a completely self-sustained life, mingled with the modern day luxuries we are accustomed to…such as indoor plumbing and electricity (naturally obtained from water, wind, and solar sources!)  I want to be able to raise and grow my own food and create my own energy, while at the same time still be able to watch The Walking Dead on Sunday nights!

Over the years, I’ve come across quite a few inspirational success stories that have slowly bolstered by confidence and made my dreams grow to somewhat unspeakable proportions – but only tonight while sitting at the dining room table with my husband did it all finally seem to become something that can actually be realized.  You see in the past whenever I would mention homesteading to him, the wall would come up and it would be an immediate rejection of the mere idea.  But tonight, low and behold, he started leafing through my latest copy of Mother Earth News that I sneakily left laying on the table…and he actually brought up the topic, saying “We should do this!!”  Well, imagine my shock and surprise; quite expertly contained, I might add!  So while he was flipping through the physical pages, I logged on to the website and the first thing that popped up was a story about a young couple from Oregon who uprooted their life to start a homestead in Idaho.  I’ve officially found my true muse in them, and will be actively following their personal journey through their Facebook page and blog Pure Living for Life.

So today…tonight (it’s 10:30 PM, shoot!!)… “The Dream” becomes “The Goal”.  To put together a savings schedule that we can stick to, and create a viable “business plan” to this ultimate dream life.  Tonight is just the beginning… but now that it’s “We”, and not just “Me”, on this road…I can actually finally picture the destination!!!!